The Myth of Aed

[O’Rahilly, T. F.  Early Irish History and Mythology.  Dublin, 1946].

Aed = fire.  Irish Lord of the Underworld.  Ancestor and creator – mankind. Sun god and god of thunder = lightening.  Appears under various names. Similar to Jupiter/Zeus in the Graeco-Roman pantheon.

Aed Alainn = King of western otherworld – possesses – venomous spear = another name for Dagda.  Elsewhere – Aed Alainn = Bodb Derg.

Aed mac Ainninne = sun god > came to lakes of Ireland and cast spells so that each dried up [Meyer, K.  Death Tales of the Ulster Heroes. Dublin, 1906).

Aed mac Fidga = slain by Finn mac Cumhaill – killed by his spear leaving a sid to enter another. Traditional enemy of Finn mac Cumhaill = Goll mac Morna = form of manifestation of Aed.

Aed Ruad – drowned in a waterfall at Ballshannon in Donegal. Waterfall = Assaroe (Ess Ruad) – adjacent sid = Aed Ruad.  Therefore – god = Aed = presiding over the side – identified with the Aed Ruad – drowned in neighbouring waterfall, i.e, according to pagan belief – lived beneath it.




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