The ‘selfish gene’ delusion

Genetics = the science of differences not similarities. Natural selection – acts on what survives, namely the genes. For selfish gene theory – the gene is the replicator. The organism thus is reduced to simply the vehicle for the genes.

The genes become mere survival machines – robot vehicles that are blindly programmed to preserve the ‘selfish molecules’ known as genes. Selfish gene theory imbues genes with certain mystical qualities which is essentially teleological.

The selfish gene – reflects – self-centred morality of the market place. The selfish gene is not a matter of zoology but of social class – a theory that ignores human unity and co-operation Selfish gene theory sees evolution not as the outcome of struggles of organisms, but as a struggle between genes seeking to copy themselves. Therefore – the bodies they inhabit are merely secondary.

Natural selection deals with organisms. Natural selection accepts or rejects entire organisms. Organisms are much more than amalgamations of genes. They have a history of interacting parts.

In reality – selection must act at a multitude of levels. Therefore – individual gene-sized lengths of DNA may, or may not, be selected. Thus – the genotype exists within a phenotype. The method of selfish gene theory lies in the swamp of idealism – with human culture reduced to unitary memes. Like the genes – memes = self-replicating and also compete for survival.

The selfish gene theory is fallacious. The theory endows genes with a modal existence, crediting them with an aura of ‘things in themselves’. The theory can be seen thus in its doctrinal context. The theory is the biological justification of the status quo.

Implicit in the theory – disregard of human interactive and purposeful role in changing the environment and themselves in the process. The inherent contradiction of the theory = not preoccupation with evolution – but with its underlying support for stability and immutability.

Selfish gene theory – translates ‘genes’ across hierarchical levels. What does a gene do? It translates for a protein. Therefore – where is the gene for selfishness? Where is the protein for racism? Where is the protein for aggression?

Humankind’s natural state or propensity is for co-operation. Is such a natural state biologically determined or is it socially and economically? Theory pundits ignore the ideological and media manipulation of selfish gene theory for the benefit of vested class interests.

Selfish gene theory translates the gene into a realm of an almost notional or spiritual existence. From the gene theory it thus becomes easy to construct the meme concept. From whence – it is claimed – memes exist independently of the human mind are inherited.

Memes = a 20th century modalities of the 18th century monads of Leibniz. Are memes really monads? Therefore – is the selfish gene nought but a modern-day neo-monadism? Selfish genes – created with extreme ‘discreteness’ = ideas of evolution as discretionary. Is this not a primordial design concept? In other words the presence of creation and divinity.

For such theorists there are no causes. Selfish gene and meme theory is the ‘ghost in the machine’ which has the malodorous breath of possession and demonology, rather than genuine science. to machine (body) as a means of achieving immortality is a resurrectionist outlook.






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