Fragments on Myth and History


Sleeping Venus.  Artemesia Gentilleschi.

[E. B. Tylor. Anthropology. Vol 2.]

Brittany – Bertrand du Guseslin or ‘Lion’s mane hair’ and Jeanne de Montfort, or ‘Jeanne-la-Flamme’. The sword and armour – of Jeanne D’Arc in later times.

Niebelungenlied – Burgundy – Worms on Rhine?. Kriemhilt – wife of Sifrit – marries Attila later or Etzel. Theodoric of Verona (Dietrich von Bern). Attila died two years before Theodoric was born. King of the Ostrogoths (454-526). Note – Saga of Volsungs.

Kreimhild was daughter of King Dankrat, sister of Gunther, Gernot, and Giselher. Note – Tylor’s Anthropology Vols 1 and 2, and Raglan’s Jocasta’s Crime.

Raglan was a diffusionist who saw religion as a development of magic (as Frazer). See reference to Mythology and History (Tylor, Vol 2). Neither saw myth as ideology (see V. G. Childe – What Happened in History). Ideology contains myths at certain times – perhaps certain myths have an ideological purpose. Certainly some ideologies perpetrate myths (Nazism, Racism) for political ends.

Iliad and Oddyssey (Homer) – Agamemnon the King of Mykenai is Mycenae.

The Phoenicians (Kadmos is eastern) – thus Theban 7 gates are the 7 planets of Babylon. Babylonian worship of Polyphemos equates with the ‘manners of the barbarian’. Thence to Odysseus but note Hera and Artemis. Note also – Nausikaa, Phaiakians, Alkinoos, Queen Arete. Also Poseidon and Aineas the Trojan.  Romulus and Remus note – story of the birth of Cyrus  according to Herodotus.

Ancient Persia – sacred books are the Avesta and Zoroastrianism. This degraded the Deva (bright Gods) to the Daeva (or dark Gods). Thus no Brahman cremations but corpses are picked clean by birds etc. See the Hills of Silence of the Parsees or Parsis. Aventa mentions Airyana vaejo. Persian belief – early home was on the slopes of central Asia (near Oxus or Yaxartes). See the Riddles of the Three Oceans, plus Amu Darya.

Unfortunately it seems that because some peoples have migratory myths then Tylor is moved to regard all human culture as diffusionist,in those terms. Haddon seemed quite pleased about Tylor’s diffusionism. Note – Daniken, Tomas, Kolosimo et al and the extraterrestrialisation of diffusionist theory.

Teta (3000 BC). Meggido (bottle) – Karnak. Thotmes III. Ur (Mugheir) – Sumir (Sumer). Akkad. Chaldaean – 16th century BC is Hammurabi.

Rameses II – Shishak versus Rihaboam. Peisistratos son of Hippias – arhnship from Thucidydes. Cymbeline – now Shakespeare – was real English king – Anglo-Saxon or Briton?

Danaos and Aigyptos were twins and ancestors of the Danoi or Greeks and Aigyptians?  Hellen was the father of the Hellenes trhough three sons Ailos, Doros, and Xonthos. Xonthos was father of Achaios and Ion. Thus – Aiolos the Aeolians, Doros the Dorians,  Achaios the Achaeans’ and Ios the Ionians. All were Greek tribes.

See W. Wason Class Struggles in Ancient Greece.


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